Our Indie Gogo Crowdfunding campaign has finally been launched! Codex Knights is a very ambitious game but even if we had the funds to work on it behind closed doors for a few years, we wouldn't know if we were building a game that people would enjoy. We would be making a game that we would enjoy, but as game designers, after the millionth test/play-through, it's sometimes hard to know if it's just functional or actually fun. We're running this crowdfunding campaign both to generate funds and to build a global community around the game. It may be a game celebrating the culture of Africa, but we want it to be a game that everyone from everywhere can play and enjoy. 

All backers who support the campaign will become part of this community. They will get the latest game updates, get to vote on new features and be able to discuss the game with the development team and other people in the community. All backers from the $5 tier and up will get access to EVERY alpha and beta release of the game and will also get the final game once it has been released. I mean $5 to be involved in the development process and get a game at the end? That sounds like a deal (although I may be a teeny bit biased). We take player input very seriously and would not be able to fully realise this ambitious game without input from our community.

We want to tell exciting African Stories that haven't been told yet and we would love for you to join us on this journey.  😊

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below or contact us at

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